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 Beautiful (Bonnie) Belmont, Part 01 -- Table of Contents and Brief Introduction.

by John Salisbury Cochran.

Table of Contents

Beautiful Belmont,
Part 01 -- Table of Contents and Brief Introduction. (this entry)
Part 02 -- Our Neighborhood.
Part 03 -- Stage Coaches and Wagons.
Part 04 -- Log Cabin Homes.
Part 05 -- Life In Our Father's House.
Part 06 -- The Old Spring and Spring House.
Part 07 -- Our Neighbors.
Part 08 -- The Log Schoolhouse.
Part 09 -- School Day Diversions.
Part 10 -- The Wheeling Farm Market.
Part 11 -- The Wheeling Slave Auction: Selling Aunt Tilda Taylor.
-- Part 12 -- Bidding For Lucinda Taylor.
-- Part 13 -- Selling Mose and Sam.
Part 14 -- Sam Alexander Escapes.
Part 15 -- Lucinda Taylor's Escape.
Part 16 -- Cope's Mill: A Stop on the Underground Railroad.
Part 17 -- Singing School.
Part 18 -- The Apple Paring.
Part 19 -- The Dancing Violin.
Part 20 -- Miller, the Mean Mare.
Part 21 -- The Fortuneteller.
Part 22 -- My Money Box.
Part 23 -- Halloween Antics.
Part 24 -- Making Maple Sugar.
Part 25 -- The Corn Husking Bee.
Part 26 -- The Fun of Hand-Me-Downs.
Part 27 -- The Cider Mill.
Part 28 -- The Horse Race.
Part 29 -- The Methodists.
Part 30 -- The Society of Friends.
Part 31 -- The Trip Home.
Part 32 -- A Visit With Grandfather.
Part 33 -- The Abolitionist Movement.
Part 34 -- Martins Ferry High School.
Part 35 -- The Growing Storm Over Slavery.
Part 36 -- The Fate of Aunt Tilda's Mose.
Part 37 -- Oberlin College.
Part 38 -- My Coming to War.
Part 39 -- The Regiment Crosses into Kentucky.
Part 40 -- The Hardships of Soldiering.
Part 41 -- The Battle of Shiloh, 6-7 April 1862.
Part 42 -- Some Thoughts on Gettysburg.
Part 43 -- The Folly of War.
Part 44 -- Mose Becomes a Soldier.
Part 45 -- The Road Back to Ohio.
Part 46 -- Remembering Robert E. Lee.
Part 47 -- The Story of Elizabeth Zane.
Part 48 -- A Trip Back to the Future.
Part 49 -- Off to St. Clairsville.
Part 50 -- Loss.
Part 51 -- Separation.
Part 52 -- Remembering Fort Pillow.
Part 53 -- Robbers and Detectives.
Part 54 -- Return to Ohio.
Part 55 -- Indian River, Florida.
Part 56 -- A Trip to Lake Worth.
Part 57 -- Scenes of Our Childhood.


My brothers asked me to write something about the historic incidents of our neighborhood as connected with the stirring times of the antislavery agitation and the succeeding Civil War of 1861-1865, in which all six brothers in our family, along with other neighbor boys, took such an active part. I have tried to honor these requests as far as my memory allows me to at my advanced age, and they will be found, in simple narrative form, clothed with sufficient caution I trust, in this account, which I most respectfully and affectionately dedicate to my brothers and our old neighboring farm boys and girls of "Pinch" and "Scotch Ridge" in Belmont County.

Editor's Note

This book is grounded on real events, facts, and people -- and captures their lives in a powerful narrative. In the original edition, Judge John Salisbury Cochran, when speaking of childhood and romance, recorded events experienced by his friend, "Jack Salisbury" -- as if Jack was a totally different person. In reality, Jack is a fictional extension of the Judge, and the narrative is much more cohesive -- and much less confusing -- with the Judge and Jack re-united as the one central character -- as they are in this edition. However, the work departs from reality in details of the romance between Jack and Minerva. In reality, Judge John Salisbury Cohcran married Mattie W. Weldin, of Wheeling, in 1867. -- C. Edward Wall, Editor.

See next entry: Beautiful Belmont, Part 02 -- Our Neighborhood.

This entry is adapted from Bonnie Belmont: A Historical Romance of the Days of Slavery and the Civil War, by John Salisbury Cochran, which was published originally in 1907. The book has been reedited extensively for inclusion in the Pierian Press Fulltext eBooks database, and is included on the Stratton House Inn Web site by special permission. This special edition of Beautiful Belmont is licensed for use ONLY on this Web site. It may not be copied or downloaded, but may be used for educational purposes and personal pleasure under fair-use provisions via this Web site. Please note that this Stratton House Inn iteration of the book does NOT include the subject headings assigned each chapter for use in the Fulltext eBooks database.

CO-AUTHOR: Wall, C. Edward. (Editor)
CO-AUTHOR: Schultheiss, Tom. (Asst. Editor)

DATABASE: Fulltext eBooks: Copyright (c) 2000 The Pierian Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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