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by Patten, Anna Bailey.

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An event occurred in Warren Township, Belmont County, Ohio, in the winter of 1806-1807 which presents the privations of the pioneer in so strong a light that we are constrained to present it to our readers.

Jesse Bailey, a Quaker from the State of North Carolina, arrived in the township late in the fall of that year. He had not time to build a cabin before the hard winter would set in. So looking about for some place in which to winter, he found, situated on the lands now owned by Jesse Judkins, in section 27, a rock, the upper ledge of which projected out beyond its fellows from fifteen to twenty feet. He immediately determined to turn it to his advantage.

Splitting out some puncheons he placed them upright, inclosing a space even with the edge of the out-croping rock. In one corner, the rocks were so formed as to make the part of a natural chimney. Topping this out with four puncheons like a funnel, and daubing its sides with clay mud, formed a fine outlet for the smoke. In this structure he and his family passed the winter.

Timid deer, frightened, bounded away from its ungainly front by day. At night wolves howled around his humble mansion. Bears came and clawed at the door, and wild cats on the limbs of the adjacent trees screamed at the unwelcome intrusion. But Bailey, secure within, lived through the winter in comparative comfort.

Note: Baileys Mills is said to be named for this man. We are not able to trace any connection with our branch of the Baileys.

Source: Extract from Belmont-Jefferson History, 1880. Written by Anna Bailey Patten, Tacoma, Ohio.

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For the table of contents and first entry in this series, please see: Little Home Histories, Part 01 -- Table of Contents and Introduction.

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