Stratton House Inn :: Little Home Histories, Part 34 -- Some Friends Meetings in Belmont & Guernsey Counties, Ohio.
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by Webster, W.V.

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Concord Meeting, East end of Colerain Township, Belmont County, Ohio, near center of Section 7. First meeting on logs. A log house built in 1800. First church in Belmont County.

Quarterly Meeting opened and held at Short Creek 1807. Monthly Meetings under it, Concord, Short Creek, Plymouth, Plainfield and Stillwater.

Ohio Yearly Meeting established at Short Creek 1813, about one mile west of Mt.Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio. Yearly Meeting House built at Mt.Pleasant 1815 & 1816.

Stillwater Meeting. In 1803 a cabin was built by James Vernon near the French or Township grave yard and in it convened a "Friends" meeting. It was the first gathering for religious worship in Warren Township. Ruth Boswell preached the first sermon and business was transacted. (About 1/2 mile south of Childrens home)

In 1804 a log house was built in the northeast corner of what is now the Stillwater graveyard, the first house in Warren township for worship, Ruth Boswell preached the first sermon. Another room was added in 1805 for the women's meeting.

In 1812 the brick church was built about 300 feet south of the log house and it was enlarged in 1823 or 4 to take care of the Quarterly meeting. Hosea Doudna was janitor.

Stillwater Preparative Meeting set up spring of 1805.

Stillwater Monthly Meeting, a division of Concord, reported to Short Creek Qr. 1807. Fully organized 1808.

Stillwater Quarterly Meeting opened 11-28-1821.

Stillwater Meeting House built for yearly meeting, 1878.

Friends Boarding School built one mile east of Barnesville, Belmont Co., Ohio 1875. Rebuilt after the fire of 5-31-1910.

Friends Meeting House at St. Clairsville built 1809 & 10. Meetings held 1807 at other places.

Barnesville Meeting House built 1875. 30 by 40 ft., 2 story, $3000. School upstairs.

Captina indulged meeting 1808. Preparative meeting 1816.

Ridge asked for meeting 11- -1811. Granted 9- -1815.

Richland asked for meeting in 1809. Granted in 1816.

Stillwater Qr. 1854. divided and Pennsville Qr. set up 1854. (Harvey Smith gives 1842.)

Plainfield M.M. made up of Plainfield and Flushing 1808.

Stillwater Minutes lost 1817 to 1826.

Stillwater grounds held by Friends from 1804. Contain 10 acres from Cory.

First Friends school built in 1806 near the northwest corner of section No. 1 southeast corner of Warren Township, Belmont County, Ohio.

Source: W. V. Webster. Most of above history from Joseph Garretson Sr. and Jonathan Schofield, Jan. 31, 1842.

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This entry is adapted from Little Home Histories in Our Early Homes, Belmont County, Ohio, which was published in 1942. Its publication was coordinated by Robert D. and Beulah Patten McDonald. This entry has been reedited for inclusion in the Pierian Press Fulltext eBooks database, and is included on the Stratton House Inn Website by special permission. This entry is licensed for use ONLY on this Website. It may be used for educational purposes and personal pleasure under fair-use provisions via this Website. Please note that the Stratton House Inn iteration of this entry does NOT include the subject headings assigned each chapter for use in the Fulltext eBooks database.

CO-AUTHOR: Schofield, Jonathan.

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