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by Livezey, Elizabeth Smith.

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Charles, son of Jesse K. and Elizabeth Patterson Livezey, raised a colt that proved to be one of those good family horses.

Such were designated because of their quiet, gentle disposition and a valuable trait in those days when used so much by women and children as well as the men.

His wife, Elizabeth Smith Livezey, could harness and hitch her to the surrey, if necessary, and drive her wherever she wished. The children, Albert, Walter, Jesse and William would play around her and walk under her body when so inclined, without the least fear of danger and she never betrayed their confidences.

When they got old enough to help care for and work her, she was more responsive to their commands than those from an older person. For a number of years, she was the only horse on the ten-acre lot. Consequently, she pulled the surrey to take the family to meeting at Stillwater twice a week and very often to the Boarding School, as well as elsewhere.

Near the Meeting House, the road forked -- one lane leading to the meeting house and the other to the school. When nearing that point, if someone would say, "Nelly, we want to go to meeting", or "Go to the Boarding School this time", she always took the right road.

If in the evening, without being told, she took the road to the School, apparently having learned that we did not go to meeting that time of day.

When the time came that an automobile was bought, old Nelly still had her same home and master as long as she lived.

Source: Written by: Elizabeth Smith Livezey, Barnesville, Ohio.

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