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by Steer, William G.

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Edward, the youngest son of William Pickett, was married in 1888, and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where two children, Warren Edward and Howard Richard, were born. Owing to the declining health of his wife, they moved back to Barnesville, Ohio in 1893. After a year in Barnesville, she passed away.

The boys were cared for in their grandfather's home and Edward went to Pittsburg and was engaged in the Life Insurance work. Edward later married again in the third month, 1898. He contracted typhoid fever and passed away the following winter and was buried at the Stillwater burying grounds.

William G. Steer was appointed guardian for the two boys and they lived in their grandfather's home until they reached manhood.

Howard, the youngest, seemed to be the unlucky one in early life and all of his troubles were on his left side. First it was boils, then while riding a pony, he was crowded against a fence and injured his knee. Later while in a swimming pool, a turtle bit a piece out of his heel as large as a twenty-five cent piece which left a permanent scar. When he was nine years old, I sent him to the barn to bridle a horse that I had borrowed from a neighbor and was thought to be perfectly gentle, but on inquiry found that when young he had a wicked disposition. Soon after Howard went to the barn, we heard an alarming cry and on going immediately to the barn, 20 rods away found him outside with his left eye laying out on his cheek.

The horse had bit him and the lower teeth had cut the eye open and the mark of the upper teeth was very light on his forehead and disappeared in a few days. A doctor was called at once and he removed the eye. The cavity soon got well and he never had trouble with the artificial eye, except when at Penn State College. He had the artificial eye crushed in the socket and he was in the hospital for some time.

He has lived on the Pacific coast for more than 20 years and his home is now in Salem, Oregon. He has three sons. The oldest is a Marine in the Pacific fleet and another past 21 years of age. He has been successful in business and he and his wife are leaders in religious activities.

Source: Written by: William G. Steer, Barnesville, Ohio.

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