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 Little Home Histories, Part 92 -- Richard Williams.

by Bailey, Elma Doudna.

See previous entry: Little Home Histories, Part 91 -- Dr. Ephraim Williams.

Richard Williams was the only son of Robert and Elizabeth Dearman Williams. (She was Robert Williams' first wife. After her death, he married Anna Shoebridge.) Richard was a half brother to Uncle John S. Williams.

When Richard Williams was a young boy, on one occasion he was at a gathering of young folks. In the afternoon they decided to take a walk (as that was about the only way to go anyplace in those days), and as there were not enough young men present for the young women, Uncle Richard made the remark that he would take the three Sarah's and it so happened -- in later years -- that he did take the three Sarah's, and married each after the preceding one died."

He first married Sara Dew by whom he had one son, Robert, who died very young.

On 11th month 6th 1796, he married in Friends meeting house in Core Sound, North Carolina, his second wife, Sara Stanton (daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Macy Stanton), by whom he had ten children. He was a sea captain for many years and at the age of 32, he abandoned his seafaring life.

His step mother, Anna Shoebridge Williams, had three other children. When Elizabeth was 22 -- later to become our great grandmother Garretson -- Uncle Samuel was 21, and Uncle John S. Williams was 10 years old -- Anna Williams and these three children came from North Carolina to Belmont County, Ohio. They came with the families of Joseph Dew, Lavina Hall, Jonas Small, and nine other families; and settled at Concord, Ohio, where they moved into their cabin on Christmas day 1800.

Two years later -- on seventh day 7th month 31st 1802 -- Richard came to their cabin and with the help of his neighbors, soon set up a cabin of his own near the meeting house, for himself and family and opened a school. He had left his family at or near Wheeling, until his cabin was built. His half brother John says, "I had never been sent to school. He put me in three syllables in Dilworth's Spelling book. I think the first lesson commenced with the word abandon. I abandoned that lesson and that book, for I swallowed the whole of it very soon. The teachers could keep me back in recitations, but not in knowing."

One of the children of Richard and Sara Stanton Williams -- Elizabeth -- was born 9th month 9th 1799 in North Carolina. She married 5th month 30th 1822, Micajah Dillingham of Delaware County, Ohio, at Friends meeting at Kendal Stark Co., Ohio. She was past 80 years of age at the time of her death, which took place near Damascus, Ohio.

Abigail was born 9th month 19th 1802. She married 12th month 26th, 1825 to John Fawcett, Salem, Ohio, and died 11th month 10th 1835 at Salem, Ohio, at the age of 33.

Dearman was born 11th month 12th 1804. He married 11th month 27th 1830 to Mary Farmer of Sandy Spring, Ohio, and died 11th month 27th 1867 in Humboldt Co. Iowa.

Deborah was born 11th month 30th 1806. She married 5th month 27th 1829 to Daniel Osborn, of Delaware Co. Ohio, and died 5th month 2nd 1834.

Asa was born 12th month 27th 1808. He married 5th month 21st 1834 to Elizabeth Cadwalder of Salem, Ohio, and died 1st month 23rd 1861.

Mary was born 4th month 7th 1811. She married Joseph Emmons of Agusta meeting of friends Ohio. They had no children. She died 3rd month 15th 1838.

Benjamin was born 4th month 3rd 1814, and died 10th month 10th 1855 near East Rochester, unmarried.

Lydia was born 5th, month 2nd 1816. She married 5th month 1st 1851 to Joseph Stanley of Damascus, Ohio, and died about 1897 or 1898 at the house of her daughter in Brookhaven, Miss.

David was born 9th month 25th 1818. He married 8th month 9th 1853 to Hannah S. Mickle of Washington, Pa. The had no children. He died 7th month 1st 1877 near Marshalltown, Iowa.

Edward was born 2nd month 5th 1821. He married Hannah Bruff of Damascus, Ohio (born 8th month 27th 1823; died 1Oth month 11th 1882). Edward died 9th month 2nd 1894 at Damascus, Ohio.

Richard Williams, their father, was born 11th month 28th 1770 in Cartaret County, North Carolina. He died 3rd month 10th 1852 in Damascus, Ohio, at the home of his son Edward, at the age of 81 years, three months and 11 days.

Source: Written by: Elma Doudna Bailey, Daughter of Joseph W. Doudna, and fourth generation of the Kidnapped boy. Robert W. Hampton of Whittier, Iowa originally gave the details contained in this sketch of his Uncle Richard Williams.

See next entry: Little Home Histories, Part 93 -- Wolf Den Story.

For the table of contents and first entry in this series, please see: Little Home Histories, Part 01 -- Table of Contents and Introduction.

This entry is adapted from Little Home Histories in Our Early Homes, Belmont County, Ohio, which was published in 1942. Its publication was coordinated by Robert D. and Beulah Patten McDonald. This entry has been reedited for inclusion in the Pierian Press Fulltext eBooks database, and is included on the Stratton House Inn Website by special permission. This entry is licensed for use ONLY on this Website. It may be used for educational purposes and personal pleasure under fair-use provisions via this Website. Please note that the Stratton House Inn iteration of this entry does NOT include the subject headings assigned each chapter for use in the Fulltext eBooks database.

CO-AUTHOR: Hampton, Robert W.

DATABASE: Fulltext eBooks: Copyright (c) 2002 The Pierian Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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