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Stratton House Inn is located in historic Belmont County, Ohio, which truly was the gateway to the West. On the East of Belmont County is the Ohio River, which for many decades functioned as the major river route to the West. From the Ohio River runs Route 250, which follows an ancient Indian pathway that extends to Sandusky Ohio on Lake Erie. This Indian route became a famous drovers trail and later the first State road in Ohio. Through the center of Belmont County runs the famous Cumberland (National) Road -- later rebuilt as route 40 and still later as Interstate 70. The Cumberland Road was the first major road to be constructed with Federal dollars, and became the land gateway from Maryland -- through Pennsylvania and Ohio to Indiana and Illinois.

This Web site contains much additional information on historic Belmont County and adjacent areas,

Two Civil War Generals are associated with Belmont County. Ironically, the one that was born in Virginia and moved to Belmont County as a child fought for the North. The one born in Belmont County but that moved to Tennessee fought for the South.

Featured Resources: Table of Contents

BEAUTIFUL BELMONT, by Judge John Salisbury Cochrane. An engaging and moving book originally published under the title Bonnie Belmont, this book brings aspects of historic Belmont County to life. A new edition of the book is available in its entirety on this Web site.

LITTLE HOME HISTORIES, published originally in 1942, contains accounts of early families and their homes in Belmont County. Most of these families were Quakers who settled near Barnesville, Ohio, starting as early as 1800. Most came to escape the environment of slavery where they lived previously. These accounts describe the dangers of the woods, the struggle to settle the land, the farms and homes that were built out of the wilderness, early medicine and trades that were practiced, and the commitment to worship and education in the area. A new edition of the book is available in its entirety on this Web site.

HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF OHIO, by Henry Howe. Howe visited Ohio during the 1840s, compiling historical accounts of each county. In the 1880's he revisited each county in Ohio, updating his earlier work. These accounts, as a result, are closely contemporaneous with the events Howe documents, and of particular interest as a result. The entries under Early Ohio and Ohio Revisited are taken from an edition of Howe's 1880's edition which had been owned by the former residents of Stratton House Inn.

Early Ohio: A Brief History

Ohio Revisited: Belmont County

Enjoy these works, and then come and retrace the country roads and historic sites in Belmont County where the "action" in these accounts takes place. Stratton House Inn is the ideal base for launching day-trips into the past.


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