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 Historic Jefferson County, Ohio -- Relive History

LOGAN, by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft. Schoolcraft was commissioned by the U.S. Congress to compile a definitive account of American Indians, which resulted in a massive set of books -- INDIAN TRIBES OF THE UNITED STATES -- which was published during the 1850s and 1860s. Schoolcraft relates the life and times of a famous Iroquois Indian -- James Logan -- who lived in this area. Logan lived for a time in Mingo Junction, which is just north of Belmont County. Mingo Junction takes its name from the word "mingo" which was a slang term used to describe Iroquois Indians living outside their main area of control. Logan's father was the "secretary of state" for the Iroquois Confederation. Logan was living near Mingo Junction at the time his family was attacked and killed by militiamen from Virginia. This event resulted in Lord Dunmore's War, and was noted by Thomas Jefferson in his Notes from the State of Virginia. See Schoolcraft's Account of James Logan.







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