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Sentinels of Time, by Arthur Secunda

Generally, families and groups rent the entire Stratton House Inn for a week or several days.

The daily rate for the entire house is:
1st day - $280
2nd day - $220
3rd day - $170
4th day - $120
If you rent the house for five to seven days, the weekly rate applies. If you reserve the Inn for more than seven days, add $100 for each additinal day.

The weekly rate for the entire house is:
$850, plus $200 refundable deposit. There is an exception to this pricing: for the weeks including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day the rate is $1000, plus $200 refundable deposit.

During these three holidays, Stratton House Inn is scheduled only on a "per week" basis. See also: Home for the Holidays

A deposit must be returned with a signed copy of the contract, which will be sent to you immediately upon your making a reservation.

The deposit is refundable if reservation is canceled two months prior to reserved date. If a cancellation is made later than this, the deposit will be refunded only if the house or specified room(s) can be re-rented for the same time period.

On occassions when the entire house is not otherwise reserved, it is possible to schedule individual rooms. For guest room/daily rates, please see Guest Rooms and Features on this Web site.

To determine if a possible time peariod may be available, please check Schedule of Events. Please contact us for related details.

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Certain restrictions apply to all rentals. By your reserving space in Stratton House Inn, you acknowledge these restrictions, and agree to adhere to them.

Special Warnings

Certain warnings apply to all rentals. By your reserving space in Stratton House Inn, you acknowledge these warnings, and agree to adhere to them.

Thank you for reviewing these Restrictions and Warnings prior to contacting us to reserve the house or portion thereof. By contacting us, you agree to adhere to the restrictions and warnings, and accept responsibility for any injury or damage caused by not adhering to them.

To Place a Reservation

For additional information or to place a reservation with Stratton House Inn, please Contact Us

We look forward to serving you.


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