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Tables set up for a scrapbooking weekend; view looking into the dining room.

The scrapbook class and workshop schedule at Stratton House Inn reflects the courses, workshops, retreats, and weekends that various scrapbook consultants hold here. At Stratton House Inn, scrapbookers have plenty of room to spread out -- but still be surrounded by others who stimulate, inspire and encourage each other. And everyone will enjoy the bright, cheerful environment at Stratton House Inn.

Scrapbookers will be inspired by the woods, meadows, and park that surround the house -- and by the many original works of contemporary art on the walls of Stratton House Inn.

Stratton House Inn is available to scrapbooking consultants in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky who wish to schedule a scrapping retreat for their family, friends, and customers.

Most courses offered by scrapbooking consultants are open to the public, but advance registration with the respective consultant and Stratton House Inn are required.

Also, groups of scrapbookers who enjoy holding their own "private" retreats -- for family and friends -- always are welcome.

Stratton House Inn is conveniently located about one hour west of Pittsburgh, two hours east of Columbus, two hours south of Cleveland, and two and one-half hours north of Charleston, WV.

Stratton House Inn will sleep 16 adults comfortably, and will generously accommodate approximately 12 scrapbookers. More scrapbookers can be accommodated, but auxillary areas -- such as the Parlour and Office -- rooms not normally used for scrapping will need to be employed.

Tables set up for a scrapbooking weekend; view of the sitting room.

If you are a scrapbooking consultant or member of a group that wishes to hold a private scrapbooking retreat, please contact us to reserve your special weekend.

If you would like to attend a scrapbooking weekend sponsored by a consultant, please see Schedule of Events for the next-scheduled "open" scrapbooking weekend.

Captions: top: View from the Sitting Room looking toward the Dining Room, showing tables set up for a scrapbooking weekend. This configuration will accommodate 14 persons, with no more than two persons sharing a long table. bottom: Another view of the Sitting Room. With its bay window, the Sitting Room is bathed with natural light even on cloudy days. Click photos for larger versions.


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