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 Stratton and Holloway Ancestors and the Revolutionary War

This entry is oriented toward the offspring of George Stratton and Melva Holloway Stratton -- who were the first Strattons to occupy Stratton House Inn. In his genealogies of the Stratton and Holloway families, Tom Stratton has identified the following ancestors that appear to have fought in the Revolutionary War.

Startton Ancestors

28. James Johnson, 1742-1824
James was born in Cedar Creek, Hanover Cty, Va 1742. He married Mildred Moorman December 9, 1758. He married Penelope Anthony about 1764. James died August 10, 1824 in Leesburg, Oh, at 82 years of age. Moved from Caroline County, VA, to New Garden, NC, in 1764. Disowned by New Garden Monthly Meeting for marrying without permission in 1766. Moved to Bedford, VA, in 1775. Served as a private in the Virginia Continental Line in the Revolutionary War, application for pension may be no. S36664. Moved on to Miami, OH, in 1812. Called "Governor James". Supposed to be the great grandfather of Civil War General Joseph E. Johnston who command the Confederate forces opposing Sherman in the battles between Chattanooga and Atlanta. James owned 400 acres and a tavern in Leesburg, Highland County, OH.

30. James Crew, 1725-179?
James was born in Cedar Creek M/m, Hanover, Va June 12, 1725. He married Judith Harris i n Cedar Creek M/m, Hanover, Va, January 14, 1759. James died before 1796 in Va. Lived in Hanover County, VA. Kept a tavern at Negrofoot in Louisa County. He was disowned by Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting for purchasing Negroes and allowing gaming in his house, around 1786. May have fought in the Revolutionary War, pension application no. S39387.

Holloway Ancestors

16. James Holloway, 1749-18??
James was born Burlington, NJ Nov. 1749. He married Mary Living Burlington, NJ, ca 1772. James died before 1811. Date of birth would appear to be wrong. He may have fought in the Revolutionary War, pension application R20382, VA.

18. Samuel Gregg, 1765-18??
Samuel was born in Louden, VA 1765. He married Ann Sinclair in South Fork, M/m, Va, June 15, 1785. Samuel died after 1802 in Logan, OH. Samuel was granted a certificate from Goose Creek, VA, Monthly Meeting to move to Redstone, PA, on 10-30-1797. On 6-19-1802, he was received on certificate from Redstone at Concord, OH, Monthly Meeting. He may have fought in the Revolutionary War, pension application S16840, VA.

22. William Wright, 1750-??
William was born in Monmouth, NJ February 20, 1750. He married Eunice Branson in Hopewell M/m, Winchester, Va, November 17, 1779. Lived in Stafford County, VA. On 1-20-1807, he was received on certificate from Crooked Run, VA, Monthly Meeting, at Concord, OH, Monthly Meeting. May have fought in the Revolutionary War, pension application S11905 or S32087.

58. Samuel Hughes, 1722-179?
Samuel was born in Exeter M/m, Pa May 10, 1722. He married Elizabeth Willets April 10, 1747. Samuel died 1796 at 74 years of age. Lived at Elder and Maiden Creek. May have fought in Revolutionary War, pension application R5356, VA.

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