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 Stratton House Inn: Location and Setting


Stratton House Inn is located in Flushing, Ohio, which is just one mile south of the Belmont County/Harrison County line. It is about one hour west of Pittsburgh, two hours east of Columbus, and two hours south of Cleveland. It is located in an area with a long, rich prehistoric and historic record, which today supports extensive and diverse cultural, recreational, and entertainment resources.


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To the north of Stratton House Inn, across Mill Road, is the Stratton Flour Mill -- from 1878 the source of quality baking flour used throughout the Ohio River Valley, and one of the first sources of self-rising pancake flour in the United States. Stratton Mill is located at the base of a hill, which leads up to the mainstreet of Flushing, Ohio.

Autumn View Near Stratton House Inn

Directly across Stratton Lane, to the west, is Schuler Park, which contains bike and jogging paths, a baseball diamond and basketball court, and other facilities, including a modern shelter with full kitchen.

"Up" Stratton Lane -- to the south through Stratton Grove -- are a number of modern log homes on large lots. Stratton Lane intersects with Lakeview Dr., which leads to Stratton Lake -- a small, narrow lake tucked between two rising hills. Large numbers of deer and wild turkeys occupy the nearby woods and hills, and an occassional coyote can be seen lurking on distant ridges.

To the East, trees camouflage what was a precipitous path down to the mouth of two train tunnels, which extend 1600 feet under the hill on which Stratton House Inn is located. This historic house could be called the "house over the tunnels" or the house on the "underground railroad" -- since both phrases aptly describe the house's location.

While Stratton House was built too late to serve as a stop on the underground railroad, which was used by slaves to escape to freedom in the northern states and Canada, an Underground Railroad Museum is located in Flushing, Ohio -- just up the hill past Stratton Mill. See Featured Sites for further details.

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