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 Stratton Family Genealogy / Benjamin D. - John F. - George W.

by Tom Stratton

Definition: The surname "Stratton" is derived, in part, from its meaning in Roman England -- "by the Roman road." Because of the extensive complex of Roman roads in England, there are many hotels, inns, hostels, and other facilities and locations containing the name Stratton -- designating their proximity to those roads. Family names logically evolved from those place names.

Note: "M/m" means "Monthly Meeting" -- referring to the Quaker meetings held at the designated locations. The word "meeting" is used, instead of "church", because Jesus had taught: "Where two or three are gathered together [meet] in my name, there am I in the midst of them" (Matthew 18: 20)

Below is shown the family line that leads back to the "Coppock cousins," who were with John Brown during his Raid on Harpers Ferry.

Samuel Coppock married Ellen Sidwell
-- begot Ruth Coppock (b. 1798) (and 14 other children)
-- Ruth Coppock married Andrew Stanley (1799-1833)
-- -- begot Ellen Stanley (1824-1915)
-- -- Ellen Stanley married Benjamin D. Stratton (1825-1879)
-- -- -- begot John F. Stratton (1852-1878)
-- -- -- John F. Stratton married Dorothy Hobson
-- -- -- -- begot George W. Stratton (1876-1959)
-- -- -- -- George W. Stratton married Melva W. Holloway (1872-1960)

-- -- -- -- -- begot Howard Stratton
-- -- -- -- -- Howard Stratton married Mable Whinnery
-- -- -- -- -- -- begot Mary Ellen (Stratton) Wall (current owner of Stratton House Inn)

1. George W. Stratton, 1876- 1959
George died in Flushing, Oh. George was born in Winona, Oh September 12, 1876. He married Melva Willets Holloway May 2, 1900. Occupation: Flour and Feed Miller. He moved to Flushing, Ohio in 1892 with his mother. Buried at Flushing Friends Cemetery, Flushing, Oh. After his father died, his aunt, Sina Stratton, helped to care for him.

2. John F. Stratton, 1852-1878
He married Dorothy Hobson. John was born in Salem, Columbiana Cty, Oh February 11, 1852. John died September 28, 1878 at 26 years of age. John attended New Garden Monthly Meeting, Ohio. He was granted a certificate on 7-22-1875 to go to Plymouth Monthly Meeting to marry Dorothy Hobson. He was an expert mechanic. John died of Typhoid Fever while working on machinery for the new Flushing Mill.

2a. Note: Charles Stratton was the brother of John F. Stratton, who died while building the Stratton Flour Mill. After John's death, Charles and others saw the mill to completion, and ran the mill for seventeen years, until George Stratton (son of John Stratton) took over management of the mill in 1896 -- at nineteen years of age. In 1903, George Stratton also purchased the house previously occupied by his Uncle Charle's father-in-law -- David French. This house today is Stratton House Inn.

3. Dorothy Hobson, 1847-1935
She married John F. Stratton. She later married William Ashton. Dorothy was born in Washington Cty, OH May 14, 1847. Dorothy died in 1935. On 6-22-1876, Dorothy was received on certificate at New Garden M/m from Plymouth, OH, M/m. Dorothy taught for twenty terms at Olney Friends School, and William Ashton and she were Superintendent and Matron of the school for fourteen terms -- from 1895 to 1903.

4. Benjamin Davis Stratton, 1825-1879
Benjamin was born in Salem, Oh June 5, 1825. He married Ellen Stanley in Salem, Oh, May 31, 1848. Benjamin died January 19, 1879 at 53 years of age. Occupation: Miller. Lived in Salem, Ohio, until 1853, then moved to Winona. Known as "Benny". He was a storekeeper, then moved to a saw mill, and then in 1856 to a mill at New Garden, Ohio.

5. Ellen Stanley, 1824-1915
Ellen was born December 20, 1824. She married Benjamin Davis Stratton in Salem, Oh, May 31, 1848. Ellen died May 1915 at 90 years of age. Ellen's bonnett is in the Swarthmore College Relics Collection.

6. Thomas Hobson, 1812-1899
Thomas was born July 13, 1812. He married Unity Johnson in New Garden, M/m, Oh, November 28, 1834. He married Mary Stanley after 1851. He married Eliza Worthington after 1851. Thomas died June 8, 1899 at 86 years of age. From Washington County, Ohio, Short Creek Montly Meeting. On 4-19-1852 was granted a certificate to Plymouth Monthly Meeting.

7. Unity Johnson, 1811-1856
Unity was born April 11, 1811. She married Thomas Hobson in New Garden, M/m, Oh, November 28, 1834. Received on certificate at Smithfield Monthly Meeting, Ohio, 6-22-1840 from New Garden Monthly Meeting. She died March 13, 1856.

8. Daniel Stratton, 1797-1872
Daniel was born in Big Timber Creek, Haddonfield, NJ December 8, 1797. He married Abigail Borton in Upper Evesham, M/m, Nj, June 1823. Daniel died February 6, 1872 in Winona, Oh, at 74 years of age. Honeymooned at Tuckerton, NJ. He moved to New Garden, Ohio, in Spring of 1862. His son Barclay was drafted into the Union Army on 9-20-1864 and was sent to a fort on Hilton Head Island, SC. After an appeal by Friends to Secretary of War Stanton, he was allowed to return home.

9. Abigail Borton, 1789-1858
Her body was interred in Salem, Oh. Abigail was born in Evesham, New Jersey September 10, 1789. She married Daniel Stratton in Upper Evesham, M/m, Nj, June 1823. Abigail died January 11, 1858 in Salem, Oh, at 68 years of age. Buried in Salem, Ohio. Abigail and Mary Lippincott had a business making bonnets near Medford, NJ.

10. Andrew Stanley, 1799-1833
Andrew was born November 11, 1799. He married Ruth Coppock January 25, 1819. Andrew died May 5, 1833 at 33 years of age.

11. Ruth Coppock, 1798-
Ruth was born November 9, 1798. She married Andrew Stanley January 25, 1819. There were two brothers named Coppock with John Brown in his raid on Harper's Ferry. Edwin was hanged as a result of the raid. He had been orphaned and raised by Joshua Coppock who claimed Edwin's body and buried him at Hope Cemetary, Salem, Ohio. Interesting story because Melva Stratton told me as a boy that the rifle which was behind her door had been carried at the raid on Harper's Ferry by "one of those Coppock cousins".

22. Samuel Coppock, 1749-
Samuel was born November 3, 1749. He married Ellen Sidwell in Little Britain, M/m, Pa, December 7, 1775. Samuel was the youngest son of his parents. Quaker records indicate that he and his wife moved from Rich Square Monthly Meeting, NC, to Concord, OH, in 1805. Also, indicates that they went from Little Britain, PA, to Short Creek, OH.

23. Ellen Sidwell, 1756-1806
Her body was interred in Little Brittain Pa, M/m. Ellen was born July 21, 1756. She married Samuel Coppock in Little Britain, M/m, Pa, December 7, 1775. Ellen died March 1806 at 49 years of age.

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