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 Stratton Flour Mill: Old Radio Ads

1920s Radio Commercial for Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour

Broadcast by Radio Sta. W.W.V.A.
Wheeling, WV

'A food for every day, in many a tasty way.'

Some weeks ago a young man from Indiana, spending a few days in south eastern Ohio and having enjoyed Pancakes from Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour stopped at the mill and purchased a twenty-five pound sack of the flour to take home to his mother.

This is what she says in a letter received by Mr. Stratton last Saturday, viz:- "I want to tell you how much we did enjoy the Pancake Flour Harry brought from your place, it was so good that its all gone, and we thought it made such excellent pancakes and muffins and now I am writing to know if it would be possible to have some more sent by parcel post." This lady is the mother of a large family living on a big farm a few miles west of Indianapolis.

For the busy housekeeper there is nothing quite like an all purpose self-rising flour such as Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour. Its all in one sack, Pancakes, Biscuits, Muffins, Waffles or Short-cake. Just add milk or water or shortening as directed and Presto! A most healthful meal for the family and one much enjoyed by all. Ask your grocer for a sack. Send your name to The Pancake Man and receive a small sample.


3 diamonds

George Stratton's 1928 Radio Commercial Script for
Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour

Radio Sta. W.W.V.A.
Wheeling, WV


I hand you herewith copy of announcement for Tuesday.

'A food for every day, in many a tasty way.'

This phrase was coined by Mrs. Stratton, having reference to Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour and it is literally true. If you tire of Pancakes, you can bake Muffins, Biscuits, and Waffles. You wonder what kind of Pudding to have for dinner? Sure! make a Steamed Brown Bread Pudding with raisins in it. You'll make it again and again, yes! lots of times. You want something for dinner pails? Doughnuts, Cookies or Cake. You did not know these goodies could be made from Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour? Indeed, they can. And the recipes have been tested and approved by experts under the direction of Miss Emma F. Holloway, a graduate of Drexel Institute of Philadelphia, and now of the Domestic Arts Department of a nationally known Institute of Learning in New York City.

Now about that waffle breakfast at the Stratton home. Christmas morning, the sons appeared in the kitchen with a large package labeled, "For Mother, dear. Open before breakfast." Well! it must be important, but lo! When the wrappings were removed, there stood a most handsome Electric Waffle Iron. Mother took the hint at once and she was only just a little bit in mixing 4 tablespoons of sugar with 3 cups of Stratton's Self-rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour. Then she added 2 cups of milk and the beaten yolks of 4 eggs, mixing thoroughly. After she had put in 8 tablespoons of melted butter she stirred in the whites of the eggs beaten stiff.

She knew she must double the recipe, for there were Grandmother, Father, Mother, eldest son, Arthur, who is an instructor in the Chemistry Department and specializing in Foods Analysis at Earlham College, Ind. William, second son, who is father's capable and dependable assistant in the mill. Howard, fourth son, a freshman in Ohio State College of Agriculture. Charles, youngest son. And Mary, the young lady who is mother's assistant in the home.

Longfellow has said, "All things come around to him who will but wait." Those waffles did a family of eight with one waffle iron. But oh! how good they were. Worth waiting for. Some one has said, "True glory consists, not of never falling, but of rising every time we fall." Say! they surely did rise every time the batter fell onto the waffle iron. Folks, they even lifted the lid of the iron, and the man who made it must have known that it would be put to such a test, for he made the hinge just a little loose so it could lift some. When the steam had about quit coming off, they would be that delicious brown color and crisp, Oh! My! And wholesome too because they were made of the purest and best parts of the wheat with nothing but pure food elements, leavening and necessary seasoning added.

You wonder where the third son was? Stanley is married and lives nearby with the other Grandmother. And daughters? There are none, except the splendid daughter-in-law.

We wish each and every one of you could enjoy waffles as the Stratton's did that morning and many times since. Mr. Stratton wants to send you a little sample of the flour. Send your name to The Pancake Man, Flushing, O. or care of Sta. W.W.V.A.

Last Saturday, he offered to send a regular three-pound bag of the flour to the person replying from the greatest distance.... The flour will be mailed free of cost.


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