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 Glass Milk Bottles: The Stratton Dairy Half-Pint Milk Bottle
Stratton Dairy Half-Pint Milk Bottle

In clearing out Stratton Mill, a number of half-pint glass milk bottles were found -- in the original box of the manufacturer. These glass milk bottles are approximately 70 years old. They are in "as new" condition, despite their age. A number of the glass milk bottles are used in Stratton House Inn, to serve milk and orange juice for breakfast, and for other purposes.

Approximately 85 years ago, George Stratton started a small dairy operation -- primarily for family use. As it grew, it began to serve neighbors and persons throughout Flushing, Ohio. Two of George Stratton's sons -- Stanley and Howard -- took special interest in dairy farming, and considerably expanded their dairy herds and dairy delivery routes. (See Howard Stratton's recollections about these glass milk bottles.)

The half-pint glass milk bottles are available for purchase -- in limited quantities -- as long as supplies last.

A very small number of original bottle caps also have survived -- and are on display at Stratton House Inn -- but are not for sale.

These glass milk bottles are about 5-inches high.

  • 1 70-year-old glass, half-pint milk/cream bottle (no cap): $8.00
  • Shipping and handling are extra.

To place an order, please see: Place an Order on this Website.

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