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 Coffee Cups with Stratton House and Stratton Mill Designs
Coffee cup with Stratton's Self-Rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour sack design.

Two coffee cups are available, which feature Stratton Mill or Stratton House designs. Both are 11-ounce white stoneware cups with designs printed on two sides.

The difference in cost (see below) is related to the complexity of and number of colors used in the designs.

  • 1 11-oz mug with Stratton Self-Rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour Sack design: $10.00
  • 1 11-oz mug with Stratton House Inn sign: $5.00
  • Coffee cup with Stratton House Inn design.
  • Shipping and handling are extra.

To place an order, please see: Place an Order on this Website.



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