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 Stratton Flour Mill: Chronology

1877: Construction on the mill is started by John F. Stratton.

1878: John F. Stratton dies of typhoid fever prior to completion of mill.

1878: The mill is completed by Charles Stratton and Joseph Branson. It is powered by a steam engine.

1878-1895: The mill is managed by Charles Stratton and Henry Stanton, a cousin of Edwin M. Stanton, Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War during the Civil War.]

1896: John Stratton's son, George Stratton leases the mill; he is not yet 20 years old.

1897: Mill is extensively remodeled.

1902: Frame warehouse and grain bin are added to the mill.

1906: George Stratton purchases sole ownership of the mill.

1906: A 50 horsepower St. Mary's Gas Engine is installed, replacing the original steam engine and boiler.

1918: A 50 horsepower Ball Bearing Fairbanks Electric motor is installed, replacing the gas engine.

1920s: Stratton's Self-Rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour is introduced and becomes famous for its flavor and texture.

1933: Two Fairbanks Y Oil Engines, one 25 horsepower and one 10 horsepower, are installed and synchronized, replacing the electric motor.

1937: A 50 horsepower single cylinder horizontal Buckeye diesel engine replaces the oil engines.

1959: George Stratton dies; one of his five sons, William, has already assumed day-to-day operations of the mill.

196?: Operations gradually cease in the early 1960s.

1988: William Stratton, the last operator of the mill, dies.

1989: The Stratton Mill Foundation, Inc. is established.

1996: Stratton's Self-Rising Whole Wheat Pancake Flour reintroduced in limited quantities.

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