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 Massachusetts Bay Colony - and Holloway Family Links

This entry is oriented toward the offspring of George Stratton and Melva Holloway Stratton -- who were the first Strattons to occupy Stratton House Inn. In his genealogies of the Stratton and Holloway families, Tom Stratton has identified the following Holloway ancestors that were early settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Holloway Family Ancestors

906. John Strickland, 1600-1672
John was born in Boynton Manor, England bef 1600. He married Jane Fenwick in England, bef 1620. John died 1672 in Hempstead, Long Island, Ny, at 72 years of age. Came to America with the first party of "Bay Coherts" to Salem, MA, in 1629, took possesion of Charlestown and vicinity in 1630, and was made Freeman in May, 1631. Moved to Long Island after 1646. See: The Freemen of Massachusetts Bay and Freemen to Take the Oath, 1630.

907. Jane Fenwick, 1604-63
Jane was born in Bitchfield, England 1604. She married John Strickland in England, bef 1620. Jane died 1663 in Hempstead, Long Island, Ny, at 59 years of age.

1,918. Robert Potter, 1610-
Robert was born in Coventry, England 1610. He married Isabella Anthony in Roxbury, Ma, about 1629. Robert died June 17, 1653 in Roxbury, Suffolk Cty, Ma, at 42 years of age. See: The Freemen of Massachusetts Bay

1,919. Isabella Anthony, 1612-1644
Isabella was born in England 1612. She married Robert Potter in Roxbury, Ma, about 1629. Isabella died September 1644 in Warwick, Kent Cty, Ri, at 32 years of age.

452. Captain John Seaman, 1615-1695
John was born in Pantfield, Essex, England August 4, 1615. He married Elizabeth Strickland in Charlestown, MA, 1644. He married Martha Moore 1655. John died 1695 in Hempstead, Long Island, Ny, at 79 years of age. Came to America in the Winthrop fleet in 1630. Started in Watertown, MA, moved to Weathersfield, CT, became one of the original purchasers in Stamford, where he settled in 1641. Owned land in Salem, MA, in 1643. In 1646, he was in New Haven, CT. During the Pequod Indian War, John Seaman was given command of a Company, title of Captain. In 1647 he moved to Hempstead, Long Island. He was one of the original signers of the Hempstead compact of land where he became a prominent man. In 1666 he settled the town of Jerusalem. His will is dated 8-25-1694 and was proved 3-20-1695. He was not a Pilgrim, but was buried in a Puritanic section of the Church of England. His ancestors may have been burned at the stake in England. In the Pequod War, his father-in-law, John Strickland, was his Lieutenant. See: Descendants of Capt. John Seaman, Hempstead, Long Island, NY. and Captain John Seaman.

453. Elizabeth Strickland, 1610-1654
Elizabeth was born in Boynton Manor, England about 1610 to John Strickland and Jane Fenwick. She came to Massachusetts with her parents in 1629. She married Captain John Seaman in Charlestown, MA, 1644. Elizabeth died 1654 in Hempstead, Long Island, Ny, at 44 years of age. Had four sons and one daughter.

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